When you realize the accumulated inefficiencies of your current business application (e.g., ERP) plus the myriad spreadsheets you've created to plug holes in your current systems and processes won't support your planned growth. . .

You've hit a pivot point and you need Better Change

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Better Change


Are we aligned?

Do we know where our bottlenecks are?

Do we have the right people?

How well do we execute change?


How much will this cost?

How will we sequence things?

What are the competing priorities?

Who will benefit from doing this? Us or our customers?

How will we account for unknowns?


How well do we understand how we operate today?

How will we describe the new operating paradigm tomorrow?

How will we describe the changes to each employee?

Do we know what and how applications are used today?


Will we buy new applications?

How will we decide?

Who is responsible for deciding?

Who is best able to help us implement?


How will we control and monitor the initiative?

How will we keep the entire organization informed and engaged during the change?

How will we measure success?

What are the shared standards / behaviors the team needs for success?

Our Services

We help you deliver programs and projects in a more effective and efficient manner, giving you the ability to realize the full value of your business application investments.

Project & Program Leadership

When it's done right, project management isn't just about methodology. It's about engaging your employees' emotions as well as tracking KPIs and delivering believable status reports. We can help you deliver measurable impact and tangible results in a way that fits your culture and is sustainable over the long term.

Our Expertise

Project & Program Leadership

Agile when you want it; waterfall when you need it.

When you invest in a new project or launch a new program, you need effective leadership to make sure you meet your business goals. Whether it's jumpstarting a new program, helping get a project back on track, selecting software, or a program health check, we can provide the leadership you need.

Business Applications (ERP, CRM, WMS, PLM)

When it comes to business applications, the stakes are high and the success rate is still abysmally low. According to Gartner, up to 75 percent of all ERP projects fail to meet their objectives—and the average cost of an ERP implementation rising to $6.5 million. A decade or more may pass between ERP implementations, and internal expertise is rarely available for that function. You need veteran experience on your side. We're here to help. Over the last 25 years, we've proven our expertise at ERP with numerous engagements spanning Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Business Central,  and JD Edwards to name just a few.

Strategic Execution

We can help you translate your strategy into reality, giving you the objective leadership and tactical know-how to deliver results. Whether it's setting up a project management organization for you, helping you deliver on your strategy, or providing managed services for you, Point B has you covered. We'll tailor our approach to the needs of your business and the culture you’ve built, so that your investment in Point B services gives you sustainable benefits over the long term.

Program Leadership Tools

We use tried and true methods to ensure your programs and projects are on track to meet budgeted time and costs; like Earned Value Analysis.

We also have a unique approach to helping your people prioritize resources between competing priorities.



Deals create enterprise value through the successful integration, separation or carve out of the targeted capabilities. To get the deal done right, it is important to be clear about the deal rational – and then communicate those to everyone impacted. We believe people are at the core of any deal and to unlock deal value, you must put the right team in place and deploy a proven methodology. We work closely with executives and PE firms to establish the right structure, governance, and integration team necessary to deliver a human centered M&A approach. We help companies with due diligence, pre-close readiness, synergy realization planning, Day One activities, cultural alignment and post-close integration across all functional areas.

Our Expertise

Integration Leadership

Whether you are on the buy-side or sell-side, Pivot Point helps you plan for a successful close and beyond. Our focus on value creation, balance of rigor and flexibility, and our ability to partner on the integration separates us from the rest. Managing organizational change is a critical part of the journey for both organizations. Pivot Point has helped hundreds of clients develop strategies, prepare for close, and drive the execution of an integration.

Deal Synergy and Value Driver Realization

Studies show that 70% to 90% of M&A’s initiatives fail. Countless deals die before they get legs. And even with the right strategic opportunity and capital, it can be a difficult road to complete the transaction and achieve the anticipated value. Business leaders must articulate realistic estimates, implement initiatives, and report results with confidence. We engage to make this happen by establishing one source of truth, bringing focus and clarity to the strategy for capturing synergies, driving the support mechanisms to realize synergies and identifying additional synergy opportunities.

Pre-Close Readiness

In advance of closing a deal, we engage to drive clarity on integration strategies and the capabilities required to have a successful integration. During pre-close planning, we structure the Integration Management Office (IMO), evaluate key themes for cultural integration, assess the capacity of the functional teams and establish the Day-one readiness and post-close integration plans.

Private Equity

From helping new portfolio companies adjust to the new owner, to leverage best business practices across your entire portfolio of companies.

An independent and unbiased approach to business application selection. Naturally focus you and your organization on what's most important to them, your customers, and suppliers.

Software Selection

Software selections include the alignment of people process and technology to ensure that your organization is selecting the digital solutions that can be integrated into your culture and support your strategic objectives.

Our Expertise

Strategic Decisions

We've found that most organizations approach software selection very myopically; they focus exclusively on themselves.  In reality, your digital transformation will have a profound impact on your organization, your customers and suppliers.  Your digital transformation will fail unless you take all three into account.

Planning for Success

We take the time to learn your culture and understand the best approach for tackling the daunting task of deploying enterprise-class business applications.  By using "Critical & Unique" requirements, we help application vendors clearly demonstrate how their application will actually work in solving your systems issues and eliminate pain points.

Understanding Pain Points

You need to perform a software selection because your current applications are simply too old to support, you've outgrown your current application or managing the business using Excel is no longer sustainable.  We work with your team to approach software selection in a more rational, logical and aligned way by:

  • Understanding and agreeing on the business process or application functionality that manifests your competitive advantage
  • Discuss and document the pain points and how a new application can realistically be expected to eliminate your pain
  • Educate and align your executive leadership team and project team
  • Prioritize needs to develop a realistic implementation plan
Broad Industry Experience
  • Manufacturing - configure to order, engineer to order
  • Distribution - multi-DC networks, supply chain management, transportation management
  • Engineering & Construction Management - project management, project accounting
  • Retail - B2B, B2C