Jon Beck, CPA



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Jon has more than 35 years of experience helping clients achieve their business objectives through the effective use of technology, financial and business process strategies. His clients have spanned a variety of industries including manufacturing, distribution, insurance, electronics, telecommunications, transportation and logistics, and various services.

Prior to founding Pivot Point (2016) and Counsel|Funding (2001), Jon was a Client Director with a boutique management consulting firm in Minneapolis. There, he led various strategy, business process re-engineering and software selection projects. Immediately prior to that, he was Vice President of Professional Services for a CRM software developer where, in addition to product development and roll-out, he helped orchestrate several rounds of angel and venture funding. Prior to that, he assisted companies like AmeriData, Racotek and Kontron in redefining and recapitalizing their business operations.

As a CPA (inactive), Jon traces his business acumen to a long tenure at RSM where he directed and managed business strategy, process improvement, system selection, implementation, and technology planning projects. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, where he earned his Bachelors of Business Administration in Accounting.

Some of the things I’ve done . . .

  • I’ve had extensive training in the most effective sales methodologies like Miller-Hieman (Strategic Selling and LAMP), Value Selling (based on Xerox sales training) and Action Selling by the Sales Board.
  • I’m a recovering CPA(inactive).  Recovering because I think I have a personality.  Inactive because where I live (Minnesota), the state requires me to say that.  It simply means I hold a valid CPA license in Minnesota, but I’m not allowed to issue audit opinions.  Since I REALLY don’t want to issue audit opinions, I’m good with it.
  • I know how to read and interpret financial statements and identify key metrics (both financial and operational) to keep a business on track.
  • Started a business application and IT Strategy practice for one of the largest CPA/Consulting firms in the world.
  • Started a consulting line-of-business for 4 companies
  • Consulted with small, medium and large companies around the world.  My client list includes iconic brands and companies I’d never heard of before.
  • Learned how to effectively communicate with, convince, and cajole entire organizations to change.  By the entire organization I mean from the Board of Directors down to folks on the manufacturing line.
  • Started an investment bank with a twist.  Rather than “putting lipstick on the pig” like traditional investment banks, we applied our change management expertise to the company before taking it to market.  Then we ran our marketing process like a “project”.  As far as I know, we were the first to ever approach Investment Banking from that perspective.