Our Capabilities

All “capabilities” are not created equal. It’s imperative to fully understand what impact a capability will have on your business and whether you should develop it in-house or bring in a subject matter expert from the outside.

For example, many firms offer Project Management services. Their resources are likely to be well-qualified and highly credentialed. But how much experience do they have in your industry working with diverse teams like yours? Do they understand the business ramifications of the pivots—the changes—they're managing? Or are they simply monitoring tasks, schedules, and budgets?

Pivot Point goes far beyond the bare-bones, "technical" aspects of a particular role. Our consultants are seasoned veterans with industry experience. We possess the perfect balance of business acumen and thought leadership, and we can effectively communicate the vision and purpose of the pivot to your entire organization—from its Board of Directors all the way to the staff on the manufacturing floor.

The pinnacle of our capabilities is our proprietary Better Change™ tool. It allows you to “see” real-time change as it happens in your organization. It’s an exclusive and invaluable tool to ensure that change is happening the way you need it to: for the Better!