• Sales & Customer Service

    VP of Sales, VP of Marketing, etc.

    Your professional life revolves around concepts like sales pipeline, customer service, warranty and service.  If you’re considering implementing a CRM application or your current CRM implementation just doesn’t seem to be working like you expected, we can help.

  • Supply Chain

    COO, VP of Procurement, etc.

    Procurement, inventory control, warehousing are your watch-words.  ERP and WMS are probably the application acronyms you work with every day.  We can help.

  • Manufacturing

    COO, VP of Operations, VP of Manufacturing

    Planning and scheduling are what you’re most interested in.  We’ve been there done that.

  • Finance & Accounting

    CFO, VP of Finance, etc.

    Budgeting, forecasting, financial reporting and metrics are what you live for.  See how we can help you with all that stuff.

  • Information Technology

    CIO, VP of IT, etc.

    More than likely, the ERP buck stops with you.  You’ll need someone you can work with you can trust and rely on for honest, straightforward advice about ERP and other application acronyms.

  • Private Equity

    Partner, Portfolio Manager

    As a private equity investor, you need to know the current state of the technology platform of companies you’re considering investing in or companies you already own.  We can help you increase the valuation of both!